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This is the web site for Dave Bockmann.  Here you'll find information about my work and interest in economic and community development in the U.S.,  India, and the Philippines; my publications, including stories for the North American Post newspaper, workshops for NPO leaders and, occasionally, pictures of my travels.


After many years of living and working in the Pacific Northwest as an organizer, journalist, non-profit organization director and finally as a program coordinator with the City of Seattle s Department of Neighborhoods, I moved to Tokyo , Japan. That was in September 2001.  

In Tokyo , I taught English as a Foreign Language and was a correspondent for the North American Post (see "Japan Journal").   More recently, I've begun lecturing on 'Third World Development' and on 'Civil Society' at Keio University. 

Community Development & Fieldwork

I've spent most of my life working in community development. Some of my experiences are recorded in the section on Community Development.  My current interest is in comparing development in industrialized countries like the U.S. and Japan with that in the developing world. Southern India and the Philippines is the current locus for that work.

In conjunction with this work, Dr. Yuko Nishimura of Komazawa University and I organize fieldwork experiences in India for Japanese college students (see India Fieldwork below or go to "Community Development"). 

India Fieldwork

Eco-San Toilets: In February, 2008 the students helped raise funds and then traveled to India to help construct eco-san toilets in a small Indian fishing village. See: Eco-San Project

A Playground for Kovalam:  In early 2007, the students helped build a playground in the same fishing village.  (See: A Playground for Kovalam).

In February 2005, the students visited several tsunami devastated villages.  That story and a short video are found in the Community Development pages.  Or here:  Tsunami

Research and Education

Dr. Nishimura and I have collaborated on a research project comparing the relationship between non-profit organizations and local governments in Japan and the U.S.  We are now part of an international team of researchers studying civil society in Asia.  Finally, I conduct workshops about community organizing, non-profit organization management and development, and leadership development. 

For a bit more information, the Japan Times some time ago, published a feature story that may be of interest: "About Dave."


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