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Table of Contents:

1. Background
2. Design of Toilets
3. Composting
4. Construction -- Base & Vaults
5. Construction--Pad Fabrication
6. Construction--Superstructure
7. Finished!
8. Monitoring & Evaluation
9. EcoSan Resources


Eco-SanToilets for Kovalam 

Composting Toilets

Dry composting toilets are a safe, sanitary and low-cost solution. (For More Information on Composting, see next page)

Toilet Design

The composting toilets built in Kovalam are based on a design by Dr. Sekhar Raghavan, Director of the Rain Centre in Chennai. The toilets are built above ground with two sealed vaults or chambers that collect the feces. The vaults are used alternately. When the first vault fills, it is closed and the material is left to decompose for 6 - 9 months. In the meantime the second vault is used.  Urine and wash water are ‘funneled’ to evaporative plant beds outside.


Below, the double vault system under construction

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