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Table of Contents:

1. Background
2. Design of Toilets
3. Composting
4. Construction -- Base & Vaults
5. Construction--Pad Fabrication
6. Construction--Superstructure
7. Finished!
8. Monitoring & Evaluation
9. EcoSan Resources


Eco-San Toilets for Kovalam
Building the 'super-structure'

After the pads are installed (see previous page), the "super-structure" is built.
Click on a thumbnail for full size photo and description.

Vault:After the 'toilet' slab is set in place, the pipes to carry urine and anal wash water are installed.

The Superstructure begins to take shape

The mason's helper carrying mortar.

JSF volunteer, Hitomi, and village girl help with construction

The super-structure above the compost vaults

The steps

Steps and view inside

Kovalam village is densely populated. These eco-san units won't pollute or smell.

In the foreground is a shallow well used for household purposes. In the background is the new eco-san toilet. The well water will be unaffected.

The roof of ferro-cement being installed.

A plastic fiber door is used here.

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