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Table of Contents:

1. Background
2. Design of Toilets
3. Composting
4. Construction -- Base & Vaults
5. Construction--Pad Fabrication
6. Construction--Superstructure
7. Finished!
8. Monitoring & Evaluation
9. EcoSan Resources


The Columbia City Renewal Strategy

Do it yourself! Employ a grassroots approach--you can't rely on someone else to do it for you.

Focus on assets, not problems! Use what you've got. People live in the neighborhood because they like it there. On reflection, it's clear that good things about the neighborhood far outweigh the problems.

Recognize the talents of people! The most important assets are neighborhood people. They have all the skills, knowledge and expertise needed. Involve the whole community--merchants, young people, old-timers, new immigrants--everyone.

Think big, start small! Start with small, doable projects and build on a momentum of success before tackling more difficult issues. By all means establish long-range goals, but achieve them with short-range projects, including marketing, physical improvements, public safety issues, parking and traffic, clean-ups, etc.

Take the lead! But, work collaboratively with other ongoing efforts in order to leverage additional benefits from limited public funds; and,

Get Started! Most important, do something visible. Just organizing a day to clean, paint and pick up litter builds a sense that things are changing.