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Table of Contents:

1. Background
2. Design of Toilets
3. Composting
4. Construction -- Base & Vaults
5. Construction--Pad Fabrication
6. Construction--Superstructure
7. Finished!
8. Monitoring & Evaluation
9. EcoSan Resources


Viewing the Video:

1. First, you will need to have the free Flash 7.0 program installed on your computer.

2. If you are using Windows XP Internet Explorer the security settings may automatically block all Java Script programs. If so, you'll see a message in the "Information Bar" above the browser window beginning with "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file... Click here for options."

Go ahead and "click" and then choose the option to "Allow Blocked Content." The video should start playing in a few seconds.

Once the video starts, drag your mouse over the bar just below the picture and you'll see the options to start and stop the video and adjust the volume.